How To Make A Courier Service Work For You

17 October 2014
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If you are a business owner, one of the biggest concerns is getting your products delivered safely and on time. With a courier service, you're able to get packages from point A to point B quickly and effectively. Courier services often go beyond just standard delivery. Setting up a consultation with a Calgary courier service like A-Dash Messenger Service Ltd will help you tailor a plan that will be beneficial to your company's needs.

Set Up A Scheduled Delivery

One way you can make a courier service work to meet your needs is by setting up scheduled delivery times. This is important if you have clients that you ship to on a routine basis. Setting up a particular day of the week or time of the day to ship out to specific clients can be arranged with a courier service. This not only improves your business services with the courier service that you choose but also meets the needs of your overall client base.

Bundled Packages

Courier service companies specialize in more than just picking up and delivering packages. Because the needs of your business fluctuate, so may your needs for a courier. You may desire to request additional help with deliveries due to a burst in business growth or to simply keep up with demands of new products or services. Because of this, you may require additional services including:

  • Warehousing and order fulfillment
  • Local delivery and pickup
  • Product distribution
  • Emergency delivery services

A courier company may work with your wholesale distributor or they may outsource to another local company to help you package orders and ship them in a pinch. They may also provide fast, local delivery of certain products, or they can pick up returned shipments from your customers.

If your warehouse truck or delivery van is unavailable, a courier service may be able to help with deliveries that have existing deadlines. Asking about bundled services will help you meet your business needs and keep customer satisfaction high.

Private And Discreet Services

Sometimes there are services you need handled that also need to be carried out discreetly. They may be time sensitive as well. Courier companies can deliver payroll checks or other important invoices and documents to clients or employees who may not be at your office or present location. These services can be a one-time only pick-up and delivery or you can schedule them on a routine basis.

Trusting in a reliable courier service allows you to meet your business needs while being reliable to your clients and fulfilling customer service requests.