Style, Comfort, And Convenience: Your Next Business Conference Should Be Hosted In An Airport Hotel

7 November 2014
 Categories: Travel, Blog

Booking a hotel for your company meetings can sometimes seem like an exercise in frustration. A venue that is perfect for your employees may not suit your guests, or vice versa. Fortunately, airport hotels have benefits for virtually everyone who travels, whether on business or private matters. If you're deciding where to host your next conference, you may want to keep the benefits of these hotels in mind.

You'll Get Lower Prices For Better Service

Airport hotels are unique in that that often rely on the airport to help them draw in new customers. Usually, a big perk airports offer people staying in their hotels is a discount on parking fees. Depending on whether you are just stopping in for a business conference or planning to fly out afterwards, cutting the per-day parking price can be a significant way to help save your employees' and guests' money.

Other travel services also partner with airport hotels, so your guests may be able to get discounts on rental cars, airport stores, and restaurants. Many hotels also include free breakfasts, which can make a huge difference for your guests that need to fly out early in the morning.

Finally, scheduling a large company meeting in any hotel is often enough to warrant a bulk discount. When contacting the airport hotel, you should discuss what discounts or added services they can offer you in return for all of the rooms you plan to book. You might be able to save money or receive extra amenities, if only you ask.

Make Travelling Easier On Your Guests

Hosting your company event in an airport hotel is also ideal if you intend to invite many speakers and guests from different countries. 

Those who arrive late at night will likely be tired from a day of flying. Fortunately, since airport hotels are usually housed in the terminal, your guests will be able to go right to their rooms and recuperate. In some cases, the hotel may be away from the airport to provide guests with a more rustic feel. Typically hotels in these cases still have their own transit, so your guests will not need to pay for cab fare just to get to their beds.

Airport hotels also benefit guests who must fly out early the day after your conference, since they won't need to coordinate transportation to the airport. This can give them an extra hour of sleep or time to enjoy breakfast before boarding.

Booking your business meeting at an airport hotel can not only save your guests money, but also enrich their experience and help them rest from the stress of traveling. By showing your guests a good time, you can ensure they are better prepared for company talks and discussions when they need to be. With a good hotel hosting, your conference might just be able to leave its guests happier and more confident in your business.

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