How to Make the Most out of a Long-term Motel Stay

2 January 2015
 Categories: Travel, Blog

Motels are very similar to hotels, except they are designed with motorists in mind. In fact, the word 'motel' is a shortened version of 'motor hotel'. Guests often have the option of parking directly in front of their motel room, whereas hotels usually have dedicated areas for guests to park. Motels are often used during road trips or for people who require long-term stays for a cheap rate. In the event that you are selecting a motel room, here are some ways to make the stay more comfortable and homey.

Spruce it up

Motels provide the basic comforts, including a bathroom and a bedroom outfitted with a bed, dresser, and television. However, living in the same small room for a long time may begin to get dreary. Add some of these options to make it feel more like a temporary home rather than a motel room:

  • Bedding—You can replace the motel bedding with your own. Simply return the default bedding to management or store it in the room until you leave. A familiar object like your favorite blanket can be a welcome sight when you walk into the room each day.
  • Wall décor—Due to several companies selling products that allow you to hang objects without using nails, you can add art, pictures, or other objects to the walls during your stay. This can go a long way to personalizing the room and adding some extra color.

Spend Time Wisely

If you know you are going to be staying in a room for several days, you should consider spending your time wisely. Staying in the room for hours on end is not only boring but can be depressing after awhile. In order to remedy this, you can explore the area. Visit local tourist traps, check out the downtown, go shopping, etc. Depending on the weather, you should plan something each day if it is possible. This will make the days go by faster and you may even meet some new friends.

Make the Most of It

Making the most of your motel stay can help you keep your peace of mind and enjoy the stay. Motels usually provide some luxuries, such as a free breakfast, wireless Internet connections, and pools. Take advantage of each amenity that interests you. Also consider asking motel staffs such as Ambassador Motor Inn if there are any discounts for staying a certain amount of nights—it never hurts to ask and you may be pleasantly surprised if you are eligible for one.