Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

3 February 2015
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If you have a daughter that is turning 16 soon, you might be wondering how to celebrate her birthday. A sweet 16 birthday party is a fun way to celebrate her birthday, as this is one of a girl's biggest milestones. There are many different types of party celebrations you can throw, depending on her tastes and preferences. Here are some different ideas to get you started.

Have a Themed Birthday Party

A very popular option for a sweet 16 party is going with a theme. You can choose the theme based on your teen' personality or what she is most interested in. If she loves music, you can throw her a music-themed party with a live DJ or karaoke machine, and decorate the party to look like a nightclub or concert. Get some fun strobe lights, have bowls of punch, and plan activities around singing and dancing. Other themes to consider include a luau party with tiki torches and a barbecue, or an 80s party where everyone wears bright-colored clothes popular of that decade.

Have a Hotel Spa Party

Teenage girls love to pamper themselves and feel beautiful, making this a perfect option for their 16th birthday. You can rent a large suite at a hotel like Rosslyn Inn & Suites Ltd, and order up spa treatments like manicures, pedicures, facials and massages. Let her invite a few of her closest friends to stay the night in the hotel, letting their parents know you will be there the entire time. They can get spa treatments, drink virgin daiquiris, listen to music, and watch their favorite movies.

Throw a Traditional Sweet 16

The traditional sweet 16 birthday party is typically filled with pink and white. Your daughter can dress up in her fanciest dress and wear a sparkling tiara the entire night. Have all of her friends show up in their party dresses to make it extra fun. There are party rental shops that will provide everything you need, from tables and chairs, to decorations and lighting for the dance portion of the party.

Have a Limo Party

Does your daughter want to celebrate her 16th birthday in style, but without alcohol? You can easily rent a limo for her and ride around with her friends to different hotspots in your city. Let the limo take them downtown to hit up her favorite restaurant, or go to see a movie that was just released. While in the limo, they can keep the party going with presents, music, and laughs.