Traveling Alone? 4 Dangerous Mistakes That Women Make When Booking A Hotel Room

18 June 2015
 Categories: Travel, Blog

When it comes to muggings and robberies, women are more likely to be targeted by criminals than men. This is because many perpetrators think that women are easier prey, and sometimes they are, especially when they are traveling alone. While traveling alone and checking into a hotel room is safe for the most part, some women make mistakes that leave them vulnerable to those that would take advantage of them. Criminals look for these lapses in judgment and take full advantage of them. Following are four dangerous mistakes women make when booking a hotel room.

Giving Too Much Information

Some women give away too much personal information when they are booking a hotel room. Never make it obvious that you are a woman who is traveling alone. You can do this by booking the hotel room using your first initial and last name. Also, take care not to tell the clerk why you are in town or what your schedule will be like. The less information you give, the better.

Not Specifying Room Preference

Women who don't specify a room preference may be placing themselves in harm's way. If you're traveling alone, do not accept a room that is on the ground floor or one that opens up directly to a main road. If you are staying at a motel, request a room that faces the courtyard so no one can see you from the main road. Getting a room that is on the third, fourth or fifth floor of a hotel makes it more difficult for criminals to access your room through a window.

Allowing Others to Overhear

While standing in the lobby and talking to the clerk, do not allow others to overhear your conversation. If someone does hear a pertinent fact, such as your room number, ask the clerk to put you in a different room.

Not Asking for An Escort

Many women don't want to be a bother and won't ask for an escort to their room. If you are traveling alone, always ask a clerk or bellhop to take you to your room. Not only can they help you with your luggage, they can make sure you get into your room safe. 

You shouldn't be scared while traveling, but you should be wary enough to take the necessary steps to stay safe. Paying attention to how you book a room is just one way that you can stay safe while staying at hotels. If you're looking to stay at a reputable hotel, visit Canadas Best Value Inn.