3 Tips To Prevent Your Teen From Drinking And Driving On Prom Night

15 December 2017
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As a parent, you are probably excited about your teenage son or daughter's upcoming prom. After all, you might see it as the perfect opportunity to see your teen all dressed up and to take tons of photographs, and you might know that he or she is excited as well. However, you could also be a little bit nervous. For example, you could be worried about things like the potential for your teen to drink and drive on prom night. These are a few tips that can help you prevent this.

1. Talk to Your Teen About Saying "No"

First of all, now is a good time to bring up drinking and driving and to talk to your teen about ways to resist peer pressure. It can sometimes be tough for teens to say no to something that all of their peers are doing, so it's critical for parents to tell them why it's so important and to help give them ideas for getting out of uncomfortable situations.

2. Set a Curfew

Even though teens could get into a bit of misbehavior at any time of the night, your teen's chances of drinking on prom night can go up if he or she is out later. Even though it might not be a very popular decision with your teen, consider setting and enforcing a curfew within a reasonable time frame after the dance. This can help you prevent him or her from getting into anything that he or she isn't supposed to get into.

3. Hire a Limo

One great way for you to prevent your teen from drinking and driving on prom night is by hiring a limo service. First of all, if your teen is supervised by the limo driver on the way to and from the dance, this can prevent any pit stops at any after parties. If your teen does end up indulging, however, you at least will not have to worry about him or her driving. Instead, you'll know that your teen is in the hands of a professional. Plus, your teen is sure to appreciate the gesture and will probably love being able to arrive at the dance in style.

As you can see, there are a few tips that you can follow if you would like to prevent your teen from drinking and driving on prom night. Follow these tips, and you can feel a bit more confident as a parent on this very important night of a high school student's school career.